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Super Mario Bros - Platform Nintendo game

Super Mario Bros NES game. is a platformer developed by Nintendo in late 1985 and published for the Nintendo Entertainment System, a sequel to the 1983 game, Mario Bros. In Super Mario Brothers, the titular character Mario must save Princess Toadstool (eventually renamed to Princess Peach) of the Mushroom Kingdom from the evil King Koopa (later known as King Bowser), king of the Koopas. In two-player mode, Mario is aided in his quest by his younger brother, Luigi. To save Princess Toadstool, the Mario Bros. must conquer the eight worlds that comprise the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario (or Luigi) must make his way to the castle in each world and defeat one of King Koopa's evil minions. To reach each castle, Mario or Luigi must battle through three "sub-worlds" by either destroying or avoiding King Koopa's henchmen. If Mario or Luigi successfully fights his way through the castle and defeats the evil minion, a Mushroom Retainer (later called Toad), is freed. Inside the eighth castle, the Mario Bros. will have a final fight with King Koopa and free Princess Toadstool (play Super Mario online above).

The player takes on the role of Mario, a diminutive mustached man wearing red overalls over a brown shirt, or in the case of a second player, Luigi, Mario's younger brother, a similarly mustached man wearing white overalls over a green shirt, blue overalls over a green shirt, or green overalls over a brown shirt. The object is to race through the Mushroom Kingdom, evade or eliminate Bowser's forces and save Princess Toadstool. Mario or Luigi can be hurt if either touches an enemy. If he takes a hit as regular Mario, falls down a pit (regardless of status), or the time clock runs out, he loses a life and starts again. The point where Mario or Luigi continues from after losing a life depends on how far he ran through the level before dying: either from the very beginning or at an invisible "checkpoint" partway through the level. There are no checkpoints in castles or in World 8, the final world. The Mario brothers' primary attack is simply jumping on top of ("stomping") their enemies, which kills the mushroom traitors, known as Goombas, and sends the turtle soldiers, known as Koopa Troopas, into their shells. Mario and Luigi can then kick these shells into other enemies, who will be defeated as a result. Conversely, kicked shells can bounce back off walls or other vertical obstructions and hit Mario or Luigi, injuring the player. Some enemies cannot be defeated by stomping; these enemies can only be defeated by turtle shell or fireball as stomping them will hurt the Mario Bros. The player can also defeat enemies by jumping to strike brick boxes from underneath, causing foes standing on it to be thrown off. Jumping on enough enemies in succession or kicking a shell into enough enemies in succession (combos) results in double points earned with each enemy defeated, eventually earning Mario or Luigi a 1-up (an extra life). Mario and Luigi can also obtain 1-ups through finding 1-up mushrooms or by collecting 100 coins.

Aiding the Mario Brothers in their quest are several powers. If Mario or Luigi collect a mushroom, they will become Super Mario or Super Luigi, thus able to take two hits before losing a life. Collecting a Fire Flower changes the player into Fiery Mario or Fiery Luigi, granting the ability to throw fireballs; however, the maximum tolerance for hits remains two (a hit taken while Fiery will reduce the player to small Mario or Luigi). Mario or Luigi can also collect a Starman and become invincible for a limited amount of time. Invincible Mario or Luigi is impervious to the touch of enemy characters and most obstacles, and he can simply run into enemies to defeat them. He still dies, however, if he falls in a pit or lava, or if time runs out.

The game consists of eight worlds with four sub-levels in each world. Though each world is different, the fourth sub-world is always a fortress or castle. At the end of each castle level, Mario or Luigi fights Bowser, however if one of the brothers throws five fireballs at Bowser, it is revealed that he is actually a different enemy in disguise. In the later worlds (worlds 6 to 8), Bowser throws hammers as well as occasional jets of fire breath. Bowser may be defeated in one of two ways: either by touching the axe at the edge of the bridge (thereby dropping him into the lava) or, as Fire Mario or Luigi, throwing fireballs at him to defeat him directly. The latter is the only way to receive points for the Koopa King's defeat. At the end of each world except the last, Mario or Luigi is greeted with the words "Thank you Mario! But our princess is in another castle!" spoken by a Mushroom Retainer. Mario battles Bowser at the end of World 8

After winning the game, the player is given the option to start the game again in "'Hard' Mode", where all Goombas are replaced by Buzzy Beetles (Koopa Troopa-like enemies who cannot be killed by fireballs) and all enemies' walking speed is increased. In addition, the elevator-style lifts are about 60% their original size throughout. There are also an increased number of hazards in the earlier worlds. For example, in World 1-3 random Bullet Bills fly across the screen, a danger that normally only appears in certain later levels, such as World 5-3.

Players may get to the beginning of any world with a relatively small amount of effort by using hidden warp zones in a number of levels.

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