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Urban Champion for the 8 bit Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)

Nintendo produced the Urban Champion NES game in 1985. The game was inspired by another fighting game, and this was Nintendo's first 2-D fighting game. You can play it in single player mode and two-player mode.

In this game, you are fighting an opponent in a one on one setting. The purpose is to knock the opposing player off the pavement, and down into a manhole. This game does have a set time limit, and a specific amount of stamina. A number represents your stamina. There are two types of punches. One is light and one is heavy. The light punch will not push the other character as far as the heavy punch will, but the light punch is harder to block. When using the heavy punch you can send the opponent back further, but it takes longer to pull off. In addition, the heavy punch is much easier to block.

Every time you throw a punch, you lose one stamina point. You can also lose stamina from flowerpots that drop from windows occasionally. If a pot hits you, your character will be dazed for a few seconds and you will lose five stamina points.

The characters in the Urban Champion NES game do not have names; they are just two similar characters with varying colors. If the timer runs out before either player wins a round, the police come and arrest the player who is closest to being knocked off the pavement. It results in a default win for the other player.

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